Monday, March 01, 2004


is March 1st, also known as my father's birthday.

On this day in history Frederic Chopin, Glenn Miller, David Niven, Harry Belafonte and Nik Kershaw were born, and Pope Leo VIII, Anna Paulowna Romanova, Archibald Scott, Tor Bernhard Vilhelm Aulin, Edwin H Land and Katharine Blake died.

March 1st was the start of the revised Julian calendar in Rome, the day that Roman emperor Maximianus introduced tetrarchy and Spanish occupier Estacio de Sá founded Rio de Janeiro.

It was also the day on which Michigan became the 1st English-speaking jurisdiction ( in the US) to abolish the death penalty, Rebecca Lee (US) became the 1st black woman to receive a medical degree, Germany began attacking ships in the Atlantic (1st WW), Henry Pu Yi was crowned emperor Kang Teh of Manchuria, "Captain America" appeared in a comic book and German troops invaded Bulgaria (2nd WW).

For additional information about March 1st in history, visit Any-Day-in-History.

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