Monday, November 17, 2003

Mamma - a cool search engine! 

I just ran into this one a few days ago: Mamma. It's a great meta search engine as far as I am concerned! I searched for my own website Just blogging along, and it popped up straight away. Of course your webpage has to contain meta tags to show up in this search engine, but check it out! Compare it to other, more popular search engines that don't use meta tags and see how far you get.

If your site doesn't contain meta tags such as keywords, maybe you should add them? Just a thought.....

Another meta search engine I've used a lot is Metacrawler. Have a go at it....

Sunday, November 16, 2003

How ironic: a spam message promoting anti-spam software!

Keep The SPAM Out !

The powerful, effective and intelligent anti-spam tool.
It automatically cleans spam messages out of
your mailbox before you receive or read them.
Supports Multiple Email Types and Almost All
Email Clients supports POP3, Hotmail/MSN, IMAP4
and MAPI email accounts Follow link for more info.,gfXVW,WY

If not guqcsdwb

As I said - how ironic! The original message itself contained a lot of random characters which - of course - I removed before posting it. Personally, I like the free software versions, and a very nice spam filter I know of is called MailWasher. Click on the link to download the latest FREE version of the software.

Great new development 

It started out so nice and easy, and after not so very long it turned sort of nasty, at least it wasn't the type of message I had expected to see in my inbox this morning :-( Here's the message with some words beeped out. Read at your own risk!!

Traditional, liberal or newschool?
Depends on how you were raised. Are we getting political here? Hell, no! This is just to describe your (beep) life.

If you're traditional, delete this mail now. Please. If you're liberal, you get yourself some pills after you've realized that hanging a two-pounds stone from your (beep) doesn't make it longer. If you're newschool, you happily dabble with things others don't even know about.

Traditionals have already deleted this mail. Ahem.
Liberals - click here for the VP-RX, the best (beep) enlargement ever invented.
[links to]

If you're liberal heart rebels, no worry, it's money back guarantee. Check out what VP-RX can do to you [links to] remember, if the name sounds like a robot, it surely does a lot of things to you!

Newschoolers - use the most advanced scientific solution to enlarge your treasured organ - with a Magna-RX patch! Tht's right, no pills, creams, pumps, exercises - but the fuller, thicker feeling and the visible results can surely give you that tingling boost of self- confidence.. and the aching of that (beep) after four hours of a steamy (beep)!

Click here to know more about this brand-new patch! [links to]

Remove me [links to]

That was hard on an empty stomach, I tell you!!! I was in the middle of having my breakfast, and almost choked on my tea!! I have beeped out all the nasty words, but I am sure you get the point. This sure ain't the type of lecture I like reading in the morning!

Does anyone believe in that bullshit??? And before I forget: Don't visit that site, it has nothing to do with naturalherbal-whatever.

WOW! An invitaion..... 

Oh, my god!! I have been setup for a blind date again???? This is blind date number 7, and counting! I can't imagine any of my friends setting me up for a blind date via internet. I can imagine some of them setting me up for a blind date, though. One of these old fashioned ones where you meet at his/her place for dinner together with his/her partner and the blind date - you know what I mean, right? That's more like my friends....... so I don't believe a word of what this anonymous person is saying, and refuse to click on the link to see what's there......

If you get one of these, be aware - it's probably just another way of getting you to give away some of your friends' email addresses:

One of your friends set you up on a Blind Date!

Click here to confirm or reschedule your date:

The FREE dating web site


Somehow I don't think that 'removal' link is going to work either........

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Viagra, Sliagra and the competitors 

So.... ever heard of Cyalus??? No?? Me neither! This is a new product as far as I am concerned, and I doubt if it will work for me - being a woman and all.....

It will cost less and it is better

Cyalus is now available to consumers.
Cyalus is superior to Viagra.
Cyalus is superior because:
It acts faster (within 30 minutes).
It lasts much longer (up to 36 hours).
It has far fewer Side effects.

We offer:
Low manufacturer direct pricing.
Private delivery to your home.
No Doctor's Consutation required.
100% Money Back Guarantee.
Why pay twice as much when
Cyalus is a far superior product and is only a click away? [links to]

Go for it, guys!! .... or maybe not....

Scam, spam and other nasty stuff - part VI 

Now here's one that really gets to me!!! I am a non-smoker with severe asthma. Someone else must have decided I need this ad, 'cause I sure didn't sign up for it seeing that I get really ill from other people's cigarette smoke:

Camels, Marlboros, Winston, Parliament, 19.95 / Carton shipped to your door

Discount, Tax Free Cigarettes Shipped from Overseas - $19.95 per Carton. Order brand name Cigarettes like Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Parliament and many more online for only $19.95. Generic Cigarettes from $12.95 per carton

Click Here [links to]

We Ship Worldwide. Save $1,200+ a year on your cigarette costs.

Click Here [links to]
No More Mail Please [links to]

Somehow I don't think the remove link is going to do me any good...... Now the only way I know to save $ 1200 a year is by not smoking at all. If you're one of those people who want the stuff, go right ahead, but don't bother me with this kind of offensive advertisement for stuff that will make me ill!

Finances a threat to your health?? Read this! 

Stop the Stress

*Tired of making never ending CREDIT CARD payments?
*Feel like your balance never goes down?
*Worried that you will never get the debt paid off?
*Tired of having no money left over every month?
*Feel overwhelmed by the amount of debt you owe?
*Getting harassment calls from creditors?
*Don't want to file for bankruptcy as a way out?

Does This Sound Like You? Well something Can Be Done About It.


Let Us Show You How We Can Help! [links to]

remove [links to]

Follow the link, and you'll be really stressed out! It's a scam as far as I can see - don't do it.

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