Friday, December 05, 2003

Someone seems to have found the fountain of youth - finally, after all these years!! 

Get your own fountain of youth! HGH human growth hormone from 21st Century!

Human Growth Hormone and Women CLICK HERE [links to]
Del [links to]

What really surprises me
is the fact that the original message had lines of "offensive word.another offensive word. an even more offensive word" in between the lines - as if that would make me want to buy their product.... well, guess what:

NOPE!! :-P

Sick of deleting spam email !? Spam Remedy kills all spam automatically!

Man!!!!!! This is so ironic! Another spam message promoting yet another anti-spam software! How did these guys get my email address anyway? Wonder if their not-so-free software blocks spam as well as my very-free Mailwasher?? Here goes - mind you - the typo's are not mine!:

The powerful, effective and intelligent anti-spam tool.
It automatically cleans spam messages out of your mailbox before you receive or read them.

Automatically Blocking Spam
Spam Remedy automatically checks your mail boxes and ">filters [links to ] unwanted, dangerous, or offensive mail messages to save your time from manually detecting and organizing mail messages. Effectively Spam ">Detecting [links to ]
A complex ">Aritificial Intelligence [links to ] algorithm has been used in Spam Remedy product to detecting legitimate mail messages and spam messages,the technique has more precision than other filter-based and keyword-based ">anti-spam technologies [links to ]. Be Sure You Get Your Right Mail Messages
Spam Remedy doesn't confirm a spam message by a single keyword in mail content. It ">examines [links to ] the entire message - source, headers and mail content to confirm whether it is a spam message. Supports Multiple Email Types and Almost All Email Clients
Spam Remedy supports POP3, Hotmail/MSN, IMAP4 and MAPI email accounts,Directly works with almost all email clients(Outlook Express, Becky Mail,Foxmail,Outlook, The bat!, Eudora etc.), espacially includes support for web-based Hotmail/MSN email clients. Nothing you need to change to your email clients! ">Easy to use [links to ] - You don't need to set any complex filter rules, just add your email accounts to Spam Remedy and then it works. Friends List and ">Rejecting List [links to ]
With Friends List and ">Rejecting List, [links to]you have the chance to decide who are never blocked or directly treat their mail messages as spam. Keep your inbox ">clean [links to]
Spam Remedy places all intercepted spam messages to its i">nterval mail database [links to href=3D"] so that your inbox remains uncluttered and free of spam.If for some reason a legitimate email is flagged as spam, you can ">easily recover [links to] in multiple ways.">DOWNLOAD NOW! [links to]

Now here's what I don't understand: how come this company (??) is spamming me so that I can read about their product? If I were to get their software, I'd sure as (beep) make sure I'd block their messages!!

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